We are an established worldwide group of marketing and research agencies that offer and develop international research and consulting solutions in local and global markets. We use our multinational experience, our successful track record and extensive expertise to deliver results

Our vision is to deliver:
  • Global and local, marketing research products and services
  • Integrated, multilingual, multi methodology research consultancy and marketing solutions
  • Add real - measurable - value through our services
  • Help understand and improve customer service and customer relationships
  • Be committed, flexible and cost effective with the strength of an established global network
International Experience
  • Established and Committed
    • International contact network and solutions
    • Varied and wide ranging products and services
    • Centralised outputs for international programmes
    The 3D Marketing Research partnership, established since 2004, has members spanning the globe. We achieve high quality research and ensure best practice is shared to run programmes efficiently and effectively. We work across the Consumer and B2B spectrum in Automotive, Financial, Healthcare, IT, Pharmaceuticals, Retail and Transport
  • Solutions that fit your requirement
    • Flexible market research solutions
    • Market leading statistical and marketing experience
    • Delivering programme results using the latest technology platforms
    We offer solutions that can meet any of your market research requirements. We generate innovative research that enhances your understanding of your customer’s experience. Additionally we can deliver results via class leading web portals that engage end users
  • Delivering results through expertise
    • Experienced leadership is vital
    • Passion to deliver on time and on budget
    • Results driven
    The leaders of the 3D agencies are the men and women you will deal with. They have great experience and commercial capability. Our network has a tradition of working closely together to manage costs and the timeline – an approach that revolves around the results you need
  • Innovate and be the best
    • Innovation - a driving force
    • Full range of methodologies
    • Easy to do business with
    We continually innovate ensuring that the most relevant techniques are used to support your business. We can offer the full range of a Quantitative and Qualitative methodologies. Whatever you need we aim to be easy to do business with
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