Since its inception in 2003 the 3D Marketing Research partnership has delivered projects across the globe. This is an agile group of agencies that are used to working with each other in delivering a wide range of Qual and Quant projects. From customer satisfaction and mystery shopping to data processing, market intelligence, web portal expertise and consultancy 3D has the skillset to make global, multiple or single market projects straightforward

  • Effective Focus Groups Clarify Investment Decision

    Task: large investment company in Greece wanted to invest a substantial amount of money in order to develop a shopping center. To this end, they wanted to study market trends, as well as the public’s mood and intentions.

    Situation: As this was a new client and we had to approach them in a probing way, in order to understand the concept of this venture

    Action: We approached the problem with a combination of qualitative and quantitative research. The qualitative research was conducted with 10 focus groups of different consumer groups (based on sex, age, life cycle and financial situation.) The qualitative research was conducted first, in order to provide input for the quantitative research

    Results: The quantitative research was never conducted! The results of the qualitative research alone, made clear that the shopping center had no commercial rationale in the way that it had been designed, regarding both the area but also the concept. We may have lost one research project but we helped the client save several million euros. Ever since then, we have a very loyal cooperation!

  • Eye Tracking Methodology Enhances FMCG’s Website - NRC, Hungary

    Task: An FMCG company wanted to review their website. Our aim was to conduct a special web-usability test for their well-known lifestyle coffee brand. NRC took into consideration the design, content and system

    Situation: This was a new client and also a market leader in Hungary. They wanted to improve website usability through respondent’s insights. They also wanted to customize the multinational webpage to the local needs

    Action: Our approach was to use an innovative methodology - the eye-tracking system. It is able to record and localize the interview through the respondents eye gaze while using the website. Respondents were not disturbed by the cameras built into the monitor and did not notice the observation. This way normal use was undertaken while the respondent was interviewed

    Results: The results made clear that consumer satisfaction could be raised by using conventional phrasing, more easy-to-understand information and creating a search/filter option. Respondents would prefer simpler technical solutions because the animation overcrowding disturbs usage. The final recommendations transformed the website’s effectiveness which delighted the Client